How to stand out from other candidates

Interviewing for a job can be time consuming, exciting and stressful all at the same time. So how can you ensure you stand out from other candidates?


A strong CV is crucial for being selected in the interview process. The recruiter wants to see that you have experience that matches the job role requirements and that you have the necessary qualifications for the role.

Ensure you include details such as whether you have a driving license and private vehicle as this can help you stand out from other candidates depending on the role involved.


Preparation is key for an interview. Get to know the business that you are hoping to work for inside and out. Research the people who work there, check their social media channels and have around five facts that you can use in your interview to let the recruiter know you’ve done your homework.

Make sure you prepare some interview questions in advance. Create answers using keywords within the job description to ensure you are hitting the scoreboard your recruiters will be using.

Be yourself

It sounds cliché but being yourself is a huge part of the interview. The recruiter wants to know who you are so let your personality shine through.

Ask questions to find out what your future team could look like, what your day-to-day role will entail and whether your recruiter thinks you align with the business’s values. 

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