We are Solus Recruitment
We are all About You
We are Solus Recruitment
We are all About You
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WHO we are and WHAT we do

Well, WE are Solus Recruitment.  You will know that by now. Construction and Engineering is our speciality. Why?  Because from these industries, we thrive and we build. It’s what makes the world spin.

WE will ensure that the skilled candidates provided are the right fit for your company. “whether on a permanent or contract basis”

WE place specialists into a variety of roles including site management at every level, surveying, engineering and blue collar trade positions.

Let us make the recruitment process seamless for you.  It’s what WE do.

Our Recruitment Process

Connect people with the right jobs

We have no ‘one-size-fits all’, every client is different, so it only makes sense that we take a tailored approach to address your requirements. We find who you are looking for by meticulously searching across the UK.

Career advice & candidate resources

We help our clients with our advice and our approach, from understanding a client’s needs, beyond the stated job specification, through to the recruitment, interviews, and the introduction to your business.

We are specialists, not generalists.

Our approach is focussed on core industries and markets, that focus means we know our subject. It enables us to make solid judgement calls and more over ease your recruitment process.

Our Expert Team

Dawn Okwabi

Founder / Managing Director

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Born and raised in Manchester.

Have worked in recruitment for 10 years and before that, 25 years in criminal law.  Recruitment is extremely satisfying, like when a round peg fits into a round hole!

I am a people person most definitely and enjoy creating that trust element/bond between client and me.  Its key in this industry to recognise exactly the clients needs and the candidates abilities.

Music is my passion, whether it be a live gig or listening to music whilst walking my dog – both make me happy.

Annette Horsefield


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Experience within both commercial and own business start ups. I have developed and cemented strong relationships within the Financial Services, Tourism and Healthcare industries.

I have a  natural leaning towards nurturing with both my business and personal relationships and find trust, compassion and empathy a great foundation to build upon.

Mark Moore


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I have a background in Bio-Security and was responsible for writing many of the protocols for the Foot and Mouth epidemic clean-up.

I was also responsible for much of the subsequent management and coordination of the nation’s clean-up efforts.

Peter Wood


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I am business consultant with two decades of senior experience of leadership in successful businesses, (within the UK, Europe and Asia). Responsible for performance improvement and transformations to ensure growth ambitions and profitability while maintaining the efficiency of the business operations.

I was also responsible for instigating the Child Rescue Alert concept with then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. I have also worked on numerous deliverables for government including Government Connect.

Recruitment is not a numbers game. It is about people, the people who have built a business, the people who operate their business, the people who enhance the business, the people who will take the business to new levels.